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About the Unlegacy Android OpenSource Project


Unlegacy Android started out as the OMAP4-AOSP Project. It was created in late 2015 in order to maintain a clean and organized place for pure AOSP support for various OMAP4 devices, such as the Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 series.

Over time this evolved to support more than just these devices, but still maintains its roots of supporting "legacy" devices that no longer receive "official" updates: hence Unlegacy Android was born.

This organization's goal is not to create feature packed ROMs, but to create a base ROM in such a way that custom ROM developers can easily adapt the changes.
We're good at (properly) fixing compatibility issues between newer Android versions and older devices, among other core things. The "bells and whistles" like themes we leave to others.
 "Here, at Unlegacy Android, we unlegacify your device, buying a new one is now the legacy way of do things."