Emergency Call Test

setprop ril.test.emergencynumber 911:1234567890

Sanity test your devices (set it to your house number or w/e, instead of 1234567890). If it works with the number you set, it will work with 911/112/whatever else as well.

Common SELinux Policy mistake

Delete files from Slack with the token from

to delete all your files over 30 days old.

List changes made in last 30 days inside your android tree

repo forall -p -c "git whatchanged --since=\"30 day ago\""

List changes made inside your android tree between 2 dates

repo forall -p -c "git log --oneline --since "JAN 1 2018" --until "FEB 10 2018" --pretty=format:"%h %an %ad""